Garden Acupuncture’s mission is to support our local community.

Eastern philosophy is based on finding balance within our lives; balance in our body, mind and environment. The boroughs of New York City all have their advantages but life here consistently challenges us physically, emotionally and financially. This stress can upset our delicate system of balance if it is not addressed everyday. Signs and symptoms may even become a normal part of life. Starting with our neighborhood of Park Slope, we wish to provide our greater community of Brooklyn and all of New York City with access to the care, advice and tools to restore this balance and find health. Garden Acupuncture advises each patient with Whole System Traditional Chinese Medicine which includes acupuncture, herbs and dietary and lifestyle changes. When you follow the path of choosing this time-tested holistic medical system, you begin the journey to better understanding your own complete health, become empowered with the knowledge of how to improve and maintain it and gain inner strength. We welcome you and are here to help guide you. Alex Goldberg LAc, Dipl. Oriental Medicine Lisa Metzger LAc, Dipl. Acupuncture

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Alex Goldberg, LAc, Dipl. OM

IMG_2408Alex Goldberg, Co-Founder of Garden Acupuncture is a Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist in the state of New York. After studying psychology at The Ohio State University, he participated in a work-study program in northern Israel. Alex earned his Masters in Acupuncture from the American Institute of Alternative Medicine, and graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2006. There he obtained the education and skill required to become an acupuncturist under the supervision of skilled Traditional Chinese Medicine physicians all of whom graduated and worked in Beijing, China. Alex also earned another Masters degree in Chinese Herbology at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, allowing him to gain deeper knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments. Alex has continued his education by attending intensive retreats with Randine Lewis PhD, a fertility specialist. He is the only Acupuncturist, in Brooklyn, who has had the esteemed privilege of learning directly under her tutelage. Alex offers safe, proficient, and effective care using acupuncture, herbal therapy, and nutritional counseling for a broad set of ailments. Alex is fluent in English and Russian allowing him to better serve the local community. Organizations: Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Alliance (AOM Alliance) Acupuncture Society of New York (ASNY) The Fertile Soul CEFP (Clinical Excellence in Fertility Professionals)

Lisa Metzger, LAc, Dipl. Ac

IMG_2409Lisa Metzger, Co-Founder of Garden Acupuncture, attended Ohio University and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. Her Professional Masters degree in Acupuncture was obtained at the American Institute of Alternative Medicine (AIAM), in Columbus, Ohio. Lisa attributes her exceptional educational experience to her Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Professors, all of whom are doctors of oriental medicine and have practiced in China prior to teaching at AIAM. She herself has studied abroad in Beijing, China. Her clinical experience from Guang An Men Teaching Hospital was invaluable to understanding and practicing acupuncture. Lisa’s continuing education has included Master Tung’s Acupuncture which focuses on using minimal points with extremely effective results. She has learned nutritional therapy under Paul Pitchford, author of “Healing with Whole Foods.” She has also studied the treatment of asthma and allergies. Lisa is certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), is a Diplomate of Acupuncture, and is licensed by the State Medical Boards of New York and Ohio. “I take great pride in my occupation and having the knowledge and ability to offer a holistic, time-tested treatment.”

Jeffrey Winsauer, PhD, OMD, LAc

FullSizeRender (17)Dr. Jeffrey Winsauer began his Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) education in China, completing  two years of TCM-Mandarin language training at the Beijing Language and Cultural University. He returned to the U.S. to complete his undergraduate certification in TCM before re-entering China to further his studies where he obtained his master’s degree in TCM and had the privilege to be mentored by the world famous acupuncturist Professor Emeritus Jin Rui and by the late Grand Master Xia Shuang-Quan. Dr. Winsauer is one of few Americans to complete a TCM PhD with a specialty in acupuncture at the Guangzhou TCM University, in Mandarin language. Dr. Winsauer pioneered acupuncture at Mayo Clinic, Rochester as their first licensed acupuncturist and helped to create a collaborative partnership between Mayo Clinic’s Integrative Medicine Dept. and Sun Yat-sen’s Zhongshan Medical School. During his appointment as a guest medical professor at Sun Yat-sen University he studied intensively all aspects of the TCM materia medica and holds a U.S. TCM herbal certification. Dr. Winsauer completed a residency in GYN and infertility at the Shenzhen TCM hospital. During his intensive study he was mentored by the head of the GYN department and thirty year veteran specializing in infertility. He became familiar with the conventional aspect of gynecological medicine assisting in D&C’s, providing routine examinations such as pelvic exams/ultrasounds and testing procedures such as pap smears as well as observing surgeons as they operated. He trained to provide expert level comprehensive TCM management of infertility and women’s health related issues. Dr. Winsauer’s level of training also allows him to successfully address a large number of other conditions and overall health.

Denise Bradbie, LAc

FullSizeRender (18)Denise Bradbie has been working in both traditional Western Medicine and Chinese Medicine for over fifteen years. She graduated with honors from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville studying genetic engineering and psychology. Denise began her career as a geneticist, working at Washington University’s Genome Sequencing Center in St. Louis, Missouri and has contributed to the genome sequencing of several organisms, including work on The Human Genome Project. Denise furthered her medical knowledge and experience at Tri-State College of Acupuncture in Manhattan. In addition to Traditional Chinese Medicine, she gained vast clinical experience in Acupuncture Physical Medicine – a French meridian style using trigger point release, and Japanese Acupuncture – a style specializing in Hara (abdominal) diagnosis and shallow needling. Denise blends these three effective approaches to bring each patient personalized and comprehensive care. Denise has also completed an alternative medicine internship in Pediatric Oncology at New York Presbyterian Hospital, practices CranioSacral Therapy and Tui Na. “I feel honored to be a part of the important process of helping people achieve their health and wellness goals.”

Meera David, Office Manager

photo (16) Management Master, Happiness Advocate, Facilitator of Positive Experiences and Organizational Ninja, a title alone simply cannot convey all that Meera David does for us and our clients. She keeps the office running smoothly while maintaining a peaceful atmosphere and delivers impeccable customer service. Meera ensures that the Garden Acupuncture experience outside of the treatment room is as stress free and wonderful as the care delivered by the Garden Acupuncture practitioners. With years of experience in the healthcare field as a medical assistant and Home Health Aide as well as formal schooling in business administration, you can rely on Meera to handle all of your inquiries, information and scheduling with the utmost professionalism and kindness.


My name is Ilana. I have suffered from back and leg pain since I was about 16. Now I am 35 and have had three surgeries including fusion at L4 through S1 to correct herniated discs and remove excess bone due to spinal stenosis. In order to make it through most days I used to have to take pain medication, wear heating pads and use lidoderm patches. I was unable to take long walks without stretching every block and having pins and needles in my feet and legs. Last year I began working with Lisa and I finally felt relief. She is incredibly thorough and attentive. We talked about my many back-related issues and she came up with an acupuncture plan tailored to my needs. After just three sessions I felt a tremendous amount of relief. No longer do I need pain medication to make it through the day. I can’t fully express how happy I am to have found Lisa and her practice. Acupuncture has changed my life. -Ilana