Garden Acupuncture Allergy Program

  • Individualized Attention For 1 Month
  • 8 Master Tung Acupuncture Treatments
  • 2 Bottles of Chinese Herbal Formulas
  • GuaSha and Ear Seeds
  • Nutritional Support, Information & Education

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About Seasonal Allergies

According to Eastern Medicine, seasonal allergies are created by wind affecting the body. This is why most seasonal allergies occur in the windy seasons of Spring and Fall. This weakens the immune system.

Lana G. – Columbus, OH 
I have had severe seasonal allergies. After just one session with Alex, I felt a lot better.

Our immune systems are also stressed when we come into contact with allergens. In Eastern Medicine our immune systems are related to Qi, the body’s energy, life force or defense mechanism. When there is an imbalance in our body’s Qi, we develop symptoms like allergies.

According to Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, approximately 40 million Americans suffer from seasonal allergies and the cost of standard allergy medications is $5.7 billion per year.

Alternative medicine has an effective, affordable solution. With acupuncture and Chinese herbs, you can prevent allergies from ever starting.

If you have seasonal allergies, it is important to begin treatment approximately one month prior to onset of symptoms.  When patients begin acupuncture for allergies along with the proper herbs & nutrition before symptoms start, our program allows 90-100% of symptoms to be prevented.

Give us a month and your allergies could be completely eliminated.

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To learn more about how nutrition and acupuncture can work together to treat allergies and more, watch our new video:

I have suffered from severe seasonal allergies- and the nasty side effects of over-the-counter allergy medication- for many years. I went through several years of weekly allergy shots, which offered no symptom relief- there was no end in sight as to the number of treatments I’d need before ever experiencing relief. I finally turned to acupuncture. Lisa and Alex treated me both before and during allergy season- I always experience immediate and total relief! Acupuncture treatments are relaxing and restorative too- an added bonus.


Book your appointment online today or contact us if you have any questions.