Garden Acupuncture Fertility Program

  • Individualized Attention and Instruction for 3 months
  • 24 Acupuncture Treatments
  • 16 Chinese Herbal Formulas
  • Gua-Sha, Tui Na, Cupping, Ear Seeds
  • Nutritional Support, Information, & Education

About Acupuncture for Fertility

At our office we offer a unique option for your fertility concerns. One of our doctors, Alex Goldberg, has had the esteemed privilege of working under Dr. Randine Lewis an MD and TCM doctor who is the central figure in fertility medicine today. He is actually the only person in Brooklyn who has worked with Dr. Lewis. You may be familiar with her books: “The Way of The Fertile Soul” & “The Infertility Cure.”

We would like to share with you a bit about how our office views fertility and why it is so common in our culture today:

Take the typical woman walking down the streets of Brooklyn. More than likely she lives a high-pressure lifestyle, which makes her, secrete the hormone prolactin, which stops ovulation. Although, western medicine is amazing it cannot change biology’s adaptive response, so it tries to override her inability to ovulate. They use drugs to inhibit prolactin—trying to force her ovaries to ovulate more mature eggs. When it attempts to override her body’s natural response and can’t force a baby, they say that she has “failed.”

Perhaps the “problem” does not reside in you. Perhaps the solution does. Just suppose for a moment that our temporary inability to reproduce is also a part of our perfect response. It may be your poor diet, chaotic lifestyle, stressful job, ill-suited relationship, or your whole outer surroundings, which are putting your flawless physiologies into a natural state of adaptation. Maybe also it’s the way we have been conditioned to look at ourselves as passive and inherently flawed, and needing to be fixed by someone else. As we have lost touch with the essence of our recreating capacity, we have become submissive recipients of reproductive technology.

So what happens in our office?
When patients arrive, we explain that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) works on the principle of cycles—just like your body. And we look at fertility in 3-month phases.

Most women and their partners, by the time they come to see us have tried various options including:
• Mediation & yoga
• Diets & herbs
• They’ve visited the doctors completing labs, drugs (like clomid), IUIs, & IVFs

They all come confused and are no closer to their goal—it feels like nothing has worked or will ever work. And then I ask them, in their utter despair, for 90 days—it seems like an eternity.
In most cases the answer is not out there, but inside you. It’s within your own wisdom, waiting to be unleashed. Your egg quality today is the reflection of the follicles health three months ago. Your diet, nutritional status, blood oxygen, hormonal levels, even your emotions and stress three months ago impact the quality of this months ovulation.

Within those 90 days we will teach you to breath differently, eat differently, express your emotions honestly, and rid your body of the negative effects of stress. We direct your body’s attention to your reproductive organs, which in most cases have been starved of circulation and attention.

This is not a quick fix like IVF claims. But, its effects are more dramatic. We help people find and express their fertility for life.

The practice of TCM incorporates the deepest belief that the mind, body, spirit, and soul are one, and to achieve a state of health, they all must be addressed. This is nowhere more important than in addressing our deepest self, our fertility. Using TCM, and its mind/body process, every individual is nurtured through physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. This process allows you to give birth to your true self.

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Interested in learning even more about our thoughts on fertility? Check out this video we made explaining TCM and IVF.

TCM & Fertility from Lisa Metzger on Vimeo.


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My husband and I had been trying to conceive for almost 2 years. I was almost out of hope until I did some research on acupuncture and infertility. I decided to give acupuncture a try. I saw Lisa on a regular basis for approximately 3 months. Lisa was very open, explained things to me, and she always made sure I was comfortable. I truly believe she helped get my body back in balance through her acupuncture techniques and with that help, my husband and I conceived!

Something else I always appreciated about Lisa was if I was also struggling with other issues such as back pain or a cold, she would try different acupuncture points to help relieve these issues. To anyone with questions, I would certainly contact Lisa. She is very open, friendly, and has a sense of calmness to her.

I would definitely recommend her to anyone!


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