Extreme Makeover: Office Edition

Okay, okay, we didn't have a bulldozer, crews of neighbors working non-stop for days or a giant bus to make the big reveal. We did however work very hard to create a space that even the most uptight New Yorker could relax in. So, check out what a little paint and redecorating can do to a treatment room. Our room now has warmer colors, soft lighting,

calming music and even some live plants for better feng shui. We have been getting quite a few compliments on our hard work. Our receptionist, Denise, stated that she 'could spend all day in there'. Last week I overheard a PT patient calling it 'the spa room'.

Here are also some pictures of our front desk, reception area and the workout equipment available to all our patients.

I'm sure you or someone you know could benefit from acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Why not choose to be treated in a soothing, revamped space?

Alex Goldberg