A War & Local Hero.

Before all the commercialized stuff that happens around Veterans Day we want to take a minute to introduce a real War Hero. John M. is a decorated Army veteran who served in the Korean war for 2 years.  After returning, to his beloved Brooklyn--he joined the local FDNY where he served for 20 years.  Recently, John told me that his most horrific memory was saving 2 babies and an elderly man who didn't want to let go of his wine collection in one fire.

In a city which doesn't look, stop, or listen to others--John M. spent his life listening, caring, and helping those around him.  It has been an honor to get to know him, learn from him, and hopefully help him along the way.

If you know any veterans take a minute to thank them Before the holiday. And if they happen to need care we are opening our office to all Veterans, FDNY, and NYPD for $20 treatments on November 11-13.

Alex Goldberg