Grassroots Conservationism in Ecaudor

Recently, we had time to meet with Jerry Toth; Director of the Jama-Caoque Reserve in Jama, Ecuador. His life has brought him to work in the Coastal Rain Forest in Ecuador. Him, along with a few others, have dedicated their lives in attempt to save this eco-diverse land. Established by 3MAlliance in 2007, the Jama-Coaque Ecological Reserve protects 504 acres (204 hectares) of tropical rainforest and premontane cloud forest along the coastal mountain range in western Ecuador. Located just six minutes south of the equator and only 5 miles from the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

Western Ecuador used to be as densely forested as the Amazon river basin. But whereas the Amazon has lost 20-25% of its forest, western Ecuador has lost 98% - almost all within the last three generations.

Garden Acupuncture is going to be talking a lot more about the Jama-Coaaque Reserve, and many other social issues that we feel deeply connected too.

Currently, all we are asking is that you take a quick look one day when you are sitting down at your office computer to read about what these people are doing.

but lets be honest...words only get so far. So hopefully, some of you will think of donating to help them out. These people are only asking for the kind of money that jingles...not folds. .50 cents a day helps them bring back the bio-diversity that is being taken out by big business, allows for reforestation, and teaches sustainable farming.


Alex Goldberg