Acupuncture in the NFL!

Check out this article from the NY Times:

Lisa Ripi, a Licensed Acupuncturist, has been treating 40 NFL athletes over the past 13 years in 5 different cities. Ripi travels 20 days every month and has dedicated her career to promoting our medicine in one of the greatest games.  The athletes she treats say her treatments gives them a 10% boost.

Pittsburgh linebacker James Farrior said: “I’m not the same if I don’t have it. It’s like getting the game plan. You can’t go into the week without either one.”

The article explains that some NFL teams don't have a massage therapist or nutritionist on staff, but Ripi continues to have faith that Acupuncture will eventually become mainstream for the NFL due to her continued care of retired players as well as front-office types (i.e. Bill Parcells)

Either way...very cool read.

Alex Goldberg