Acupuncture Treating United States Navel Pilots!

Battlefield Acupuncture, a technique developed by Dr. Richard Niemtzow "a retired Air Force colonel who practiced medicine as a radiation oncologist before he studied acupuncture in 1994" has begun to take root at the DOD.  The Air Force Acupuncture Center is the first facility of its kind, not only offering full-time acupuncture, but also training new providers and performing research. Battlefield Acupuncture, is explained as using only 5 points on each ear.  The needles are inserted and stay in place until they fall out or the patient takes them out days later.

Dr. Niemtzow created a protocol, which uses 5 points that any person can learn regardless of their medical background.  He states "it will take you five minutes or less and chances are you’re going to drastically reduce that patient’s pain.”

The article states results are amazingly high treating patients who come in for pain where traditional pain management has failed. Check out the entire article here:

Alex Goldberg