Chemical-Free Gardening: Fight Nature with Nature

Organic products are currently all the rage. And for good reason. Choosing chemical-free supplies for your home, skin and body all help reduce pollution in our land, air and water. Many people are also  buying organic foods and many others are ensuring organic produce by growing their own. Organic gardening can be tough though. Many pests can run rampant and destroy your hard work in no time. But don't worry, there are many ways to naturally keep your homegrown produce safe.

One of the best ways is to fight nature with nature. Every pesky bug has a natural predator. By growing a few herbs and flowers that attract those predators, you can prevent the damaging insects from ever getting out of control. A few of the helpful insects that you want to attract to your garden are ladybugs, lacewings and hoverflies. Some of the plants that attract them are goldenrod, asters, coriander, dill and black-eyed Susans. Click here for a more detailed list.

If the problem already exists there are all natural home remedies to use such as garlic and cayenne pepper  spray to deter aphids. For  recipes and directions:

Keep in mind, prevention is the best medicine. Growing plants that attract beneficial insects, eliminating infected or weak plants, building healthy soil and rotating and interplanting crops will keep you ahead of the problems and ensure an organic, healthy garden.

Happy Gardening from Garden Acupuncture!

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Alex Goldberg