Fertility Financing: New Trend In Lending

Fertility financing is the new trend in money lending.

There is a new trend growing in the lending market; fertility financing.

There are dozens of fertility finance companies popping up around the country with a wide variety of interest rates.  For many struggling couples, this new option sounds exciting and may even increase opportunity, some experts are worried that these loan companies may be taking advantage of a vulnerable group of people.

One company has documented approximately 1 Million in loans a month, while stating that they are on a "very steep growth curve and looking to fund about 15 Million in loans in 2012." While this company president, Mr. Segal, makes sure that his employees are familiar with fertility treatments, language, and even states that some of his employees have gone through the IVF process themselves.  While Mr. Segal is providing a comfortable situation for lending it is easy to see that some desperate couples could get into financial trouble.

Ethically this poses a large dilemma. When you take struggling people into a room, and state that you are able to finance their hopes and dreams, are we certain that these people are also clearly hearing the failure and success rates, the interest rates, and the risks of the treatments.

Other things to note before choosing fertility financing:

  • Does your doctor have a piece of ownership in the financing company
  • Create a business plan, because having kids is liking running a business. How much money will this cost, and will you have enough money leftover for the daily life expenses as well as big ticket items (holidays, college, etc)
Alex Goldberg