Look & Feel Young

Trying to defying time and nature seems to be the trend.  In a world where youth is worshiped and aging is feared, it's not surprising more and more people are battling to keep their youthful appearances by trying man-made creams, lotions with unpronounceable ingredients, chemical peels, abrasive procedures and even major surgeries. There are better ways to look and feel young again. An article on WorldWideHealth.com gives 10 ways to naturally get the results you are looking for. There may be more truth in the old saying about true beauty coming from within. We are learning that the more stress we have in our lives, the more out of balance we are, the faster we age in appearance. So, if we take time for our inner health, we will also be nurturing our outer self too! The inner peace, balance and "beauty" you have will radiate to the rest of the world.

In the article on WorldWideHealth.com the third suggestion is "Improve your balance" through Yoga or Tai Qi. I would like to add acupuncture. These three activities all help get you back into balance physically, emotionally and can help prevent illnesses and disease. Number 8 is "Eat lots of fruits and vegetables". I also think it is important to cut back on animal based foods. Under 12% of your total diet should come from animal products because studies have shown 12% or more drastically increases incidents of cancer, heart disease and other deadly diseases. Looking and feeling young just isn't possible when you are battling a major illness.

And I would also like to add my own number 11.

11. Respect and cherish your elders. In order to start shifting society's negative view of aging, I think we should all take a look at how much we value our elders. Begin to appreciate their knowledge and experience and put a higher worth on the contributions they have given to society and your own life. Respect your elders and you might just have new-found comfort in aging:)

To read the full article visit this site: http://www.worldwidehealth.com/health-article-Ten-ways-to-Age-Gracefully.html

Alex Goldberg