Marijuana seeds to treat constipation...?

That's right....cannabis seeds are the primary herbal choice for patients with constipation.  It is such a safe herbal choice it is the first choice for pregnant women who suffer from constipation as well. The research article attached below proves the same thing--the main issue is that most research studying TCM therapy is being completed by those not trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). That would be like me doing research on the production of hydro-energy without having a degree in engineering [its just silly].

In TCM there are many subtle differences in patients, which help us classify the patients into different syndromes (i.e states of illness). What does that mean? It means that 5 patients could come in complaining of a common cold, but each of them is treated differently based on how they present to the office that day.  TCM is a 5,000 year old medicine and many of the words we use are infantile: Excess vs Deficient, Hot vs Cold, Interior vs Exterior, but to be able to classify a patient as one or the other takes years of training and clinical experience.

The article explains that cannabis seeds are useful to treat constipation in the case of an "Excess" presentation, but they chose not to have a TCM practitioner in the study to determine if all their patients fall into that grouping.  TCM research is needed to help western patients and doctors grow a deeper understanding, but this research must be completed with the guidance of Eastern Medical Physicians.

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Alex Goldberg