Master Tung's Magic Points

Master Tung  has been regarded as one of the greatest Acupuncture Masters of our time.

He was born in Northern part of China and when Communists came to power, he  moved to Taiwan.  Master Tung was famous for his outstanding and often spontaneous results obtained by using very few Acupuncture needles. (On one occasion he used only 1 acupuncture needle to treat a very severe arterial blockage with great results.) Additionally he was also known to treat a very large number of his poor patients for free. Some of Master Tung's students report him treating up to 100 people a day.

Some acupuncture points and techniques he used are unique to his family's style,  which is thought to be at least 300 years old. Master Tung's family Acupuncture is based on a sophisticated techniques and could use a singular acupuncture point to address multiple problems at the same time. Almost always Acupuncture needles are inserted far away from the problem area, so the patient is able to give his/her acupuncturist a feed back right away. (Unlike other styles of Acupuncture this method allows immediate adjustment of acupuncture protocol for maximum results in a single session. In most cases, the patient notices instant relief upon insertion of acupuncture needles.

Master Tung's Points were kept secret by family members and handed down and refined by each generation. Master Tung  decided to reveal his secret acupuncture system for the benefit of all patients.  He began to teach his acupuncture system to his students. He taught his family style to a total of 73 students free of charge.

Master Tung passed away in 1975. His students continue to teach others, like myself, this amazing style of Acupuncture.