IT IS POSSIBLE to Prevent Spring Allergies Naturally


It doesn't feel like it quite yet but spring is here! Budding trees & blooming flowers is a delight to many, but for others, it is a season long battle with itchy eyes and a clogged up nose. IT IS POSSIBLE to drastically lessen/prevent spring allergies naturally! If you suffer year after year with seasonal allergies and over-the-counter or prescribed meds are not cutting it, try something new. Our allergy program starts now!

Can you prevent spring allergies?

According to Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, approximately 40 million Americans suffer from seasonal allergies and the cost of standard allergy medications is $5.7 billion per year.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has an easy, effective, affordable solution sans pharmaceuticals. Using acupuncture, food as medicine and Chinese herbs, you possibly prevent your spring (or fall!) allergies from ever starting.

If you have seasonal allergies, it is important to begin treatment approximately one month prior to onset of symptoms.  Generally this is when trees and plants start to bud in the early spring and at the first sign of leaves changing color in the fall. When patients begin acupuncture for spring allergies along with the proper herbs & nutrition before symptoms start, our program allows 90-100% of symptoms to be prevented.

How do I get started with Acupuncture for Spring Allergies?

It is super easy to get started! Book your first appointment and be on your way to less itching, watering eyes, running noses and sinus congestion. BYE ALLERGIES.