Stomp Out Heel Spurs With 5 Minutes and 5 Needles

Acupuncture is well know for treating pain but most people probably don't think to visit their acupuncturist for a heel spur. Now there is a fast and easy answer. Here at Garden Acupuncture we  have an unusual protocol that treats heel spur pain in just 5 minutes! With only 5 needles and 5 minutes of your time, we are having great success resolving one of the most common problems affecting our very active, urban community. For nine months, 66 year old Brooklyn resident, John C., has had severe pain in his heel due to a heel spur. He was unable to stand or walk for extended periods of time and his quality of life was deteriorating. He sought out many different types of treatment for relief before finally coming to our office two weeks ago. After only one, five minute acupuncture treatment John had a 50% reduction in his heel pain. Currently John has had three treatments and has a 90% reduction in pain.  He has very little pain even after standing and walking all day and is now able to comfortably volunteer at his 5 hour shift at the local soup kitchen again.