Veterans Day Thursday Nov. 11

Good Morning. I know everyone is very busy; start of a new week in the city, the weather is getting nasty, your thinking about the holidays and being with your family and friends. I get it....I'm feeling the same way. But before you head to the table and enjoy take a minute to reflect on the heroes which have helped us. I was born in '77 and I can clearly recall watching War on television since childhood.

America has been at war continuously for almost a decade now and we keep sending our young soldiers into battle. Regardless of any political or ethical thoughts these young heroes deserve our respect, honor, and appreciation. Thursday November 11, is Veterans Day. Take a minute to thank someone and let them know how much their effort is appreciated.

HBO doc. films "Warton" premiers this Thursday November 11th.

Discusses the mental and emotional pain that our military experiences after combat. Please take a minute to watch.


Alex Goldberg