Acupuncture for Fertility

Who Should Get Acupuncture for Fertility?

Anyone that is interested in and participating creating a pregnancy -naturally or through assisted means - is a prime candidate to receive our care for fertility. Garden Acupuncture specializes in - and classically practices - Whole System-Traditional Chinese Medicine (WS-TCM) for Reproductive Health and Fertility. WS-TCM is the larger system of medicine that acupuncture is a part of along with herbs and nutrition. This system gives us access to interact with the body at a deep level; helping to create balance of the life energy called Qi. When our body systems and energy are blocked or out of balance women and men alike may experience fertility challenges.

Infertility vs The Fluidity of Fertility

Many folks struggle with conceiving. What frustrates us the most is "infertility" is so quickly applied to describe the difficulty in conceiving and has such a negative tone. While an absolute/true diagnosis of infertility does exists, in many cases we prefer to explain the state many experience as fertility fluid.

While some people are truly unable to conceive, many are just not able to conceive at the moment they want to become pregnant. You very well may be fertile, just not fertile within your current state. Where you fall in the fertility spectrum is largely due to imbalances caused by lifestyle, diet, emotional state, environment, medications and many other factors. This is where Traditional Chinese Medicine shines! For instance, long term use of hormonal birth control which can be ovulation and menstrual suppressors, take can take folks out of their natural rhythm. WS-TCM is a wonderful and safe way to help restore this delicate balance and prepare for pregnancy whether you are attempting to conceive naturally or through the use of assisted therapies such as IVF/IUI.

How Does Acupuncture Help Fertility?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with acupuncture for fertility prepares people to become pregnant because it works on the principle of cycles and homeostasis—just like your body. We look at fertility in 90 day phases and take into account all aspects of your health, within yourself and your environment. Most folks, by the time they come to see us have tried various options including meditation & yoga, various diets and supplements and they’ve visited doctors completing labs, drugs (like clomid), IUIs, & IVFs. They all come confused and are no closer to their goal. In most cases the answer is not out there, but inside you.

Egg or sperm quality today is the reflection of health three months ago. Your diet, nutritional status, blood oxygen, hormonal levels, even your emotions and stress from three months ago impact your current fertility state.

We will teach you to breathe differently, eat differently, express your emotions honestly, and rid your body of the negative effects of stress. We direct your body’s attention to your reproductive organs, which in most cases have been starved of circulation and attention. We help people find and express their fertility.

Not only in formal studies - we have consistently seen clinically in practice that when compliant with WS-TCM recommendations and treatments it contributes to many positive fertility factors such as:

  • Increased egg quality

  • Improved blood flow to the uterus

  • Decrease of blockages (cysts, polyps) that prevent the process of the egg and sperm meeting to create an embryo

  • Improve uterine lining allowing for implantation to occur

  • Increased blood flow for placenta growth and health

  • Restores energetic balance in body/mind to create fertile ground to allow for a healthy pregnancy and birth

  • Improves sperm morphology, motility & count

Why Are People Seeking Fertility Care From Garden Acupuncture?

People are seeking our care because Garden Acupuncture specializes in Traditional Chinese Medicine for fertility. We have many years of clinical practice focused specifically on this specialty and we know what’s safe for those trying to conceive naturally or through assisted reproductive technologies. For those using methods like IUI and IVF, Whole System-TCM, which includes acupuncture, has shown to improve success rates of these rigorous and expensive treatments and Reproductive Clinics refer to us to support the efficacy of their protocols.

Our practitioners are licensed, have a collective 50+ years of experience and a true commitment to continuing education. Our advanced training and expertise in the area of Reproductive Health has given us a commanding space to help our community with fertility.

Tips For Fertility Success

  1. Get to know your menstrual cycle and basal body temp. Your menstrual cycle should be consistent every month and produce no pain or symptoms. If you experience symptoms like cramps, breast tenderness or have an irregular cycle, this should signal that something is out of balance. Apps like Kindara can be very helpful. You can also watch our video on how to chart your cycle.

  2. Learn your fertility family history. Knowing if others in your family experienced fertility issues or just understanding their fertility health can help practitioners understand your constitution and possible predisposed concerns or strengths.

  3. No Damp Foods. In additional to eating a healthy balanced diet we also recommend avoiding damp property foods such as dairy, cold and raw foods, processed foods and alcohol. Check out our video on nutrition and our video about dampness.

  4. Stay hydrated. There are lots of fluids involved with fertility inside the body. If you don't get enough water or lose a lot of water through sweating, your body will prioritize where the water you consume is best used. It will first be used for primary functions of survival vs a secondary function like reproduction. Also. we recommend drinking warm or room temperature water instead of cold water.

  5. Get Acupuncture. At the very least, if you can't commit to a full WS-TCM program, use acupuncture as often as you are able to address stress and sleep quality. If you are receiving IUI or IVF, we recommend pre and post acupuncture appointments with a practitioner that is board certified and specializes in fertility.

  6. Begin a Traditional Chinese Medicine program as soon as you are thinking of trying to conceive. The sooner you begin treatment for fertility the better. Fertility should really be a standard part of healthcare and not only addressed at the moment you wish to become pregnant. We encourage folks to actively participate in and be educated about fertility health as soon as they are considering pregnancy.

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