If you have noticed the constant weather changes over the past few weeks, then perhaps you are one of the many people suffering from Allergies.  Most likely, you have tried over the counter medications, prescriptions, and even had an injection in attempt to control your suffering. Have you taken the time to think about how much damage all these medications have on your Liver, Kidney, and Blood-System?

Most patients complain of itchy/watery eyes, sore or dry throat, and/or dry eyes, skin and hair.  All of these symptoms are signs of a Fluid imbalance in regards to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  There are many acupuncture points, which help Nourish the body fluid, there are Natural herbs, which can help regulate the body and increase its fluids, as well as simple dietary changes, which can decrease your severity in symptoms.

For children, needles are not used, but rather simply a small seed is placed on top of the skin with a piece of tape at the correct location.

Take a look, watch the clip, then come on in.


Alex Goldberg