Get this video. Our healthcare system needs change!

Perhaps you or your family has experienced how the American Health Care System fails people everyday.  Maybe your haven't had to deal with this issue. We all grow older, have health issues, and eventually depend on our insurance companies, which we have been paying top dollar every year for the mental security blanket that when we need them they will be there for us.  Unfortunately, all to many times this is not the way it works. How is it that we pay more for insurance then anyone else, yet our benefits our some of the worst. How can a family of 4 pay over 5K a year, and then still not have access to all the care they need.

We pay for a sense of security, but when our family or friends need specialized long-term care most of us can't afford it, won't get it, and then are thrown out stuck with determining what's the next move.  Everyone has seen "Sicko," the Michale Moore documentary showing all the faults in our Health Care System.

Remember how you felt when you watched the film.  How you were ready to move to France, Britain, or....Cuba. Yeah all those scary stories of Cuba, yet they treat our people better than we do. How sad this country amazing it could be.

Catch this video:

Its a story of one man, one family and their struggle. Its inspirational. Its powerful. It will give you something to talk about this weekend. Together we can all make a difference.


Alex Goldberg