Curious or AnxiouS about Acupuncture...?

Hey All, If you have never experienced or known anyone who has gotten Acupuncture then more than likely you may have some apprehension about trying it. No stress...we get it. And to be honest...almost ALL of our new patients do have some anxiety about their first treatment.

So let's get some basic facts out there & then you can watch the 'scary clip' to help you relax.

1. All needles are sterile (never been used before, never be used again)

2. Garden Acupuncture is fully Licensed & Insured.

3. We are completely dedicated to our local community (PARK SLOPE) and continue to offer additional discounts to & members of the Park Slope Food Co-Op.

4. We are currently offering an End of the Summer Special.

Here's the link (check it out and the feel free to contact us).

Alex Goldberg