Garden Acupuncture Videos Coming Soon

Boring, low budget videos are all we could find when we searched for acupuncture clips to post on our website. That’s why we are determined to create captivating, informational videos that introduce the general public to acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. So, we went to the professionals. Emmy nominated television producer, Jenni Schalk, directed and produced proprietary videos for us to post on our Garden Acupuncture website and YouTube channel. As the owner/operators of Garden Acupuncture, we are of course in the short informational videos but we also hired a professional actress, Jenny Gomez. Justin Tyler, the director of photography, is currently in post-production of the short films.

The five video segments range in topic from how to chart your cycle to TCM theory of nutrition. How does acupuncture and herbal therapy increase the odds of getting pregnant when doing IVF? According to TCM theory, how does eating cheese cause pain? These and many more questions will be answered in our new videos. The final products are expected to be launched in about 30 days. Stay tuned!