How We Increase SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

As a small business in Brooklyn, NY it's imperative to stand out from the thousands of competitors. And with a limited budget for marketing, its difficult to know how to spend your money and what will pay off. Every business will find results with different strategies. Here are some of the ways we increase our SEO to get clicks on our website, calls for appointments and patients on the treatment table. 1. Keep your website updated. A clean modern look will show prospective clients that you are professional, informed and organized.

2. Use common keywords and phrases. The more popular your keywords are the more likely you are to pop up higher on search engine rankings.

3. Your website should include links to other relevant websites. Exchanging links with reputable businesses creates more access to your information. More connections means more business. But don't go overboard. Too many links make it confusing for the reader.

4. Make sure your website is visually stimulating. Video capabilities give new viewers a fast and interesting introduction to your business. In fact, websites with video keep customers on your site for an average of almost 6 minutes. In comparison to text only websites which hold customers attention for less than 1 minute.

5. Make sure your business is integrated into the social media circuit. With all people owning a smart phone and the days of mobile apps, consumers want quick and easy access to your information. Get your business associated with Facebook, create a Twitter account, start your own blog, list your business on sites like Citysearch and Angie'sList, and don't forget about the power of YouTube.

These are great ways to give your business a boost, especially if you live in an internet based community like Park Slope. And most of these ideas are free.

Check out our updated website with new video capabilities at:

We are currently creating proprietary videos featuring everything from demonstrations to how to incorporate TCM into your life. They will be available for viewing in a few short weeks.

Alex Goldberg