Our Patient Completes His First Triathlon Only Months After Being Hit By A Car



Congratulations to our patient Jaki, who overcame many physical and emotional struggles after being injured by a motor vehicle. We also want to thank him for openly sharing his inspiring story. Last October Park Slope resident, Jaki, was struck by a car while riding his bike. He sustained a herniation in his lower back, a fractured hip and a torn meniscus in his knee. After leaving the hospital, he was still in severe pain. Luckily he already had an appointment scheduled with us at Garden Acupuncture for the following day.

Jaki had been planning a move out of New York so we started him on a rigorous schedule of therapy. After three months of steady acupuncture treatments, several Chinese herbal formulas, a surgical repair of his knee, physical therapy and two months of using crutches, he was ready for the big move.

Inspiration to compete in a triathlon came two weeks after the accident. Jaki's sister had come to help him and they watched in awe as hundreds of athletes, including a blind man, ran the NYC Marathon. Jaki's two month training began very gradually but on April 1, 2012 Jaki and his sister competed in the Nautica South Beach Triathlon in Miami Beach, Florida. They not only finished, they came in 75th out of 1400 participants.

Along with his own vision and commitment, Jaki attributes his successful journey from patient to triathlete to the support of family and friends and the care he received from us at at Garden Acupuncture in Brooklyn, NY.

To read a more in depth account of Jaki's inspiring story, check out his blog.