We Wrote a Book on Weight Loss



Garden Acupuncture doc wrote a book on weigh loss - includes his amazing before and after photos of over 100 pound weight loss.

We are proud to announce the publication of Your Health, Your Weight, Your Life: A Good Medicine Weight Loss Guide.

Our president and operator of Garden Acupuncture in Park Slope, Brooklyn, Alexander Goldberg is also COO and Vice President of Health Is Everything-The Social Health Network. Your Heath, Your Weight, Your Life: A Good Medicine Weight Loss Guide is a publication of Health Is Everything and was co-authored by Alexander Goldberg LAc and Mikhail J. Artamonov MD.

The book begins with Dr. Artamonov explaining from a Western perspective multiple medical reasons why people gain weight or are unable to keep it off. He gives readers important information that can help them lose weight by pinpointing possible issues with specific hormones, insulin resistance, or even food allergies. Dr. Artamonov also shares helpful tips on nutrition and supplements.

Dr. Goldberg paints a colorful and clear picture of weight loss from the Eastern medical perspective including the theory of Yin and Yang, tongue and pulse diagnosis, and understanding the food-emotional connection. He also shares his personal journey of loosing 100 pounds and keeping it off!

Their interesting writing styles keeps you turning the pages and the combination of Eastern and Western medical approach is definitely thought provoking.

The book was published May 17th and can now be purchased at Garden Acupuncture. It will soon be available online through Health Is Everything-The Social Health Network.