The Power of Intention

Two tragedies in my hometown recently have been causing me to reflect internally. For me, a tragedy creates a desire to send thoughts of comfort to those effected. Some people would call that praying. Now, I am no longer affiliated with any specific religion but I am spiritual. I truly believe in the power of positive thinking, intention, meditation, and prayer.

To me, they are all essentially the same- thoughts/energy being sent out into the universe. But do thoughts and prayers have any real effect? Were all those years of sending prayers of peace, love and health a waste of time? Not according to recent research. An article in Edge Science explains how a skeptical scientist, William Bengston, has proven in 10 different research experiments that thoughts are very powerful and have been actually CURING cancer in mice. That's right. He has been curing mice that have been injected with a type of mammary adenocarcinoma that is 100 percent fatal (before these experiments) within 27 days of injection. All of the mice that were injected and then treated with the visualization, healing technique were cured. And when the mice were re-injected with the lethal concoction, they didn't get sick at all. They were completely immune for their entire 2 year life span. That's pretty powerful.

There is another interesting concepts in this article worth mentioning. When Bengston came up with the idea for this experiment he was observing his friend heal people with this technique. Here is an excerpt from the article- "I watched Bennett put his hands on person after person and saw much that I myself would never believe had I not witnessed it. Some ailments responded poorly or not at all. Warts, for instance. There was no effect at all on warts, and to this day I consider that to be a clue even as I continue to be flummoxed by what it means. On the other hand, cancer responded almost immediately, and the more aggressive the cancer the faster it seemed to respond. The only failures with cancer were with those who had had radiation or chemotherapy. I suspect this is another clue, which might mean that healing does not mix well with therapies that kill."

So, keep sending out all those positive thoughts. You could be helping more than you know.

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