Menopause & Acupuncture

A new study proves acupuncture can benefit women suffering from menopausal symptoms.

A recent study, completed in 2011, evaluated 267 women in a randomized control study. The participants were eligible to enter the study if they had reported seven (7) or more hot flashes in a one (1) week period.

Group 1: Received 10 acupuncture treatments and a leaflet recommending soy, herbs, physical therapy, relaxation techniques, and decreasing alcohol and tobacco consumption.

Group 2: Received only the leaflet.

Both groups were encouraged to use any or all of the leaflet recommendations.

The acupuncture group reported the following statistically significant improvements:

  • Reduced frequency and intensity of hot flashes

  • Improved self-reported health assessment

  • Improved sleep

  • Better mood

  • Less fatigue

  • Higher energy levels

Hot flash frequency and intensity went down in both groups:

Acupuncture group

  • Frequency: down 5.8 per 24 hours

  • Intensity: down 3.2 units

Self-care only group

  • Frequency: down 3.7 per 24 hours

  • Intensity: down 1.8 units

58% of acupuncture patients in this study reported greater than fifty percent reduction in hot flash frequency. These results lean greatly to the benefit of using acupuncture to reduce the common symptoms of women entering menopause.