Monsanto & Dow pushing new 2,4-D herbicide into your food.

Its not surprise that Monsanto, the worlds largest Genetically Modified (GM) food company, and The Dow Chemical Company have initiated a study on a new herbicide called 2,4-D. This new chemical is being studied as a "solution" to the Round-up resistant super-weeds. Here is the kicker; these super-weeds have already been shown to be resistant to this new herbicide. Each year GM farmers are in battle with these ever growing and more resistant pesticide and herbicide weeds. Of course this perpetuates the polluting of the Earth, "contaminating the food supply, and spurring the rampant growth of harmful superweeds."

The Dow Chemical Company, using its own study, of 2,4-D states that this new chemical will help prevent the growth of super-weeds. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), estimates that the environmental harm caused by 2,4-D leads to "risk quotients that exceed the level of concern."

"The report found that if 2,4-D is used the way Dow suggests, humans will be exposed to dangerously high levels of the toxin, which in turn causes autoimmune disorders, cell destruction (apoptosis), nerve damage, metabolic dysfunction, and other serious problems."

The only way to stop the super-weeds is to stop planting GM crops. Organic farming practices do not use chemicals, which is the cause of the growth of these powerful weeds. Organic farming does not pollute  the foods supply and or the environment.

Give a hoot don't pollute:




Alex Goldberg