Pain in the Low Back...

Results from the SPINE (Stimulating Points to Investigate Needling Efficacy) study, published May 11, 2009 reveals that not just one, but 3 different forms of Acupuncture were more effective at treating Low Back Pain (LBP) than western medicine. 638 chronic LBP adult patients were separated into 4 groups.  All groups received standard western medical care, but 3 groups were also treated with a form of Acupuncture.

1st Group: Needle Acupuncture at points individualized for each case.

2nd Group: Standardized Acupuncture that used a single prescription at points on the back and leg.

3rd Group: Simulated Acupuncture that involved pressing on points with a toothpick without penetrating the skin.

The SPINE researchers found that at 8-weeks all 3 Acupuncture groups were functioning far better with less pain than the group getting only standard medical care. What's more, additional follow-ups found the benefits of Acupuncture lasted for a year for many of these people.

Check out the article here, pass it on to those you know with Lower Back Pain.