The 22 Things You Need To Know About Acupuncture

WedMD has taken the time to put together a great visual slideshow explaining what is acupuncture, how it works, what are the benefits, and so much more. So take a minute, sit back, relax, and watch the slide show. Most likely you will have some downtime in your office today; so why not take a look. Here is a list of all the topics and check out the link below to take you to the photos:

1. What is Acupuncture?

2. How Does it work?

3. Does Acupuncture hurt?

4. Low Back Pain

5. Headaches

6. Fibromyalgia

7. Arthritis

8. Carpal Tunnel

9. Dental Pain

10. Other Pains

11. Decrease Medications

12. Nausea

13. Cancer Care

14. Fertility

15. Quit Smoking

16. Treating Children

17. When to Consider Acupuncture

18. Risks

19. Who Should Not Use Acupuncture

20. Choosing The Right Doc

21. Variations of Acupuncture

22. Acupressure vs Acupuncture