Weight Loss - 22 Helpful Hints - Lose Your Weight Without Exercise

Garden Acupuncture shares a personal story and 22 helpful tips to lose weight without exercise.

Weight loss is a serious epidemic in the United States. We are a country, which continues to avoid common sense in our lifestyle, habits, and eating routines. At our office we know all too well about the frustration of weight gain and loss. One our own docs has been on the road to weight loss since 1999. At that time he weighed over 270 pounds and was irritable, lethargic, and experienced insomnia. So how did he start to lose the weight? Simple, he began a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) protocol for weight loss.

He received acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and nutritional counseling and without ever biking, running, swimming, or exercising he has been able to lose over 110 pounds. The main reason people have a hard time to lose weight is its a quick remark statement, which is as easily forgotten as those pesky new years resolution.

At our office, Garden Acupuncture, we do not promote a diet. We promote a lifestyle change. It did not take you one day or even one year to gain that weight. So why would you think it will take you one day to fix your weight? It is unfair to demand that of yourself, and by doing so you set yourself up for failure.  You need to stay positive. You need to realize we are behind you every step of the way. That we have been on this journey before and that we are still on it today!

Some good news: It was easy to gain the weight you put on. You did not think about it, you did not work at it, you did not even try. You just did it. Well guess what, you can do the exact same thing with taking it off. Yes, that's right, that's what I said. How about that!

It was easy for you to eat poorly and gain the weight and it will be simple to lose it. The only requirement is that it will be a lifestyle change. Not one week or one month change. Make the changes, eat healthier, and become the healthy person you want to be.

Now for some INSPIRATION:

WebMD has taken the time to put together a great visual slideshow sharing in 24 slides how to lose weight without exercise.  Most likely you will have some downtime in your office today; so why not take a look.

Here is a list of all the topics and check out the link below to take you to the photos:

1. Time your meals

2. Sleep more, weigh less

3. Serve more, eat more veggies

4. When soup's on, weight comes off

5. Go for whole grains

6. Eyeball your skinny clothes

7. Skip the bacon

8. Build a better slice of pizza

9. Sip Smart: Cut back on sugar

10. Sip Smart: Use a tall thin glass

11. Sip Smart: Limit alcohol

12. Sip Smart: Go for green tea

13. Slip into a yoga state of mind

14. Eat at home

15. Catch the "eating pause"

16. Chew strong mint gum

17. Shrink your dishes

18. Get your food portions right

19. Try the 80/20 rule

20. Eat out your way

21. Reach for the red sauce

22. Go meatless more often

23. Burn 100 calories more

24. Celebrate

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