Your Weight: Collective Behavior vs Genetics; Behavior Wins!

Garden Acupuncture explains how your weight is determined not by your genetics, but rather your collective behavior.

A new international study and led by a team at City College of New York (CCNY) suggests our belt-line may have more to do with our collective behavior than our genetics or even individual choices. The study shows there is a "relationship between the prevalence of obesity and the growth of the supermarket economy." Professor Makse said.

This report came out as policy makers begin to address the role of environmental factors in obesity. For instance, NY Mayor Michale Bloomberg is attempting to limit the serving size of soda to 16 ounces.

The WHO (World Health Organization) considers obesity a global epidemic-- that is the same standing at cancer or diabetes.

Because obesity is related to increased calorie intake and physical inactivity, prevention has focused on changing individuals’ behaviors. However, prevalence of non-communicable diseases shows spatial clustering, and the spread of obesity has shown “high susceptibility to social pressure and global economic drivers.

At our office we take a lot of pride in treating weight management. Why? Because one of our own docs has been fighting his own weight concerns For more about that read here.

Alexander Goldberg takes weight so seriously and wanted to help more of his patients he co-wrote, "Your Health, Your Weight Your Life," with. Dr. Mikhail Artamanov.

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