Acupuncture For Infants Is Safe & Works!

Garden Acupuncture explains a new study which shows acupuncture is safe for infants.

A new study out of the University of Washington and Seattle Children's Hospital concluded that acupuncture is “safe, well tolerated, and therapeutic” for the treatment of infants. The study came was completed because doctors have been seeking a method to reduce infant's exposure to sedatives and pain medications in hospital settings. The goal of this being to reduce neurotoxic effects of these medications, which will improve the overall outcomes when infants undergo either intensive or invasive medical procedure.

The study proved that acupuncture reduces agitation, feeding difficulties, and the need for sedatives or pain medications. Additionally, those infants which were on mechanical ventilation were able to be successfully weaned.  The researchers note that few studies have been conducted on acupuncture for the treatment of infants in the hospital setting. They suggest that further research is warranted given the outcome of this study.

While this study is specific for infants, many of our patients come to our office seeking fertility health. If you are seeking information about your fertility concerns please watch the video below or click here for more information.

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