Infertility Cured With Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Garden Acupuncture shares information about how acupuncture and Chinese Medicine help with fertility. New research completed by Dr. Ting Zhang, who is the Department Chair of Gynecology at Yue Yang Hospital at the Shanghai University of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), shows that both common and rare Chinese herbal medicines vastly increased both the process of conception and the subsequent nutrition to the fetus thereby creating a healthy pregnancy. Dr. Zhang presented his vital information at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTM) in San Francisco.

Dr. Zhang unveiled new ultrasound and hormone testing research revealing that special Chinese herbal medicines promote ovulation and egg development, increase sperm motility and count, and prevent miscarriage.  Further, western data confirms that Chinese herbal medicine greatly increases the conception rate of women undergoing artificial insemination (IVF or IUI).

Dr. Zhang started his lecture with some basic statistics and made sure to relay his most important message right form the start, "infertility is a symptom, not a disease."

Here are some recent facts from medical studies, which you may not know:

  • Partners who engage in regular sexual intercourse with no treatment from Chinese herbal medicine have success rate of 60-70%

  • From age 30-34, one in seven women experiences infertility.

  • Between the ages of 35-40, one in five women are infertile.

  • Between the ages of 40-44, one in four women experience difficulties with infertility.

  • In 55% of cases the infertility is caused by female reproductive disharmony, 25-40% the infertility is solely caused by male reproductive concerns, and 20% of all cases the infertility is caused by a combination of both male and female reproductive issues.

Dr. Zhang explained many differential diagnosis in relation to western medical findings.

  • BBT charts reveal emerging Yin-Essence in the first 12 days, followed by a powerful Yang stage

  • High FSH is linked to Yin-Deficiency; High LH is linked to Yang-Deficiency.

A multitude of ways to view BBT, ultrasound, sexual hormone tests, and other western related data were correlated into the Chinese medicine theoretical framework. Dr. Zhang closed the divide between western medical data and Chinese medicine differential diagnostics in her presentation. Acupuncturists can now read the western data, make a Chinese medicine diagnosis, and choose from the correct herbal medicines to promote conception and a healthy pregnancy.

To learn more about fertility watch the video below.