5 Reasons a TCM Fertility Specialist Will Help You Conceive

1. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) improves fertility for men and women because it works on the principle of cycles and homeostasis-just like your body.  Your egg or sperm quality today is the reflection of your health 3 months ago so taking the time to prepare your body and mind for conception will help create a fertile environment for a healthy pregnancy and birth. Whole System TCM addresses all aspects of your health in 90 day cycles using acupuncture, herbs, nutritional counseling & monitoring as well as many other adjunct therapies. Garden Acupuncture recommends beginning TCM fertility care 2-3 months before you plan to conceive for optimal results. If you already began the process of trying to get pregnant that’s ok! Garden Acupuncture’s expertise can help you at any point in the journey to conceiving.

2. TCM understands the fluidity of fertility. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t become pregnant the moment you try. Where you fall in the fertility spectrum is largely due to imbalances caused by lifestyle, diet, emotional state and environment among many other factors. Age is often used as a biological panic button but it does not mean you don’t have enough time to start preparing your body before you jump in the deep end of natural or assisted reproduction. When body systems and energy are blocked and out of balance, women and men alike may experience fertility challenges. Garden Acupuncture’s expert fertility team will give you the individualized attention and the time you need to identify all areas that may be affecting your fertility and give the best recommendations to restore this delicate balance and prepare for pregnancy.

3. Your body’s attention will be directed to your reproductive organs. In many cases, reproductive organs have been starved of proper circulation of qi and blood. When acupuncture, herbs and nutritional counseling/monitoring are administered by a properly trained TCM Fertility Specialist, many positive fertility factors can be achieved. This includes increased egg quality, improved blood flow to the uterus, decrease of cysts and polyps, improved uterine lining, increased blood flow for placenta growth and improved sperm morphology, motility and count.

4. Your stress and the effect it has on your body and mind will be decreased. Living in NYC or Brooklyn is pretty much a recipe for higher stress levels and poor quality sleep. The struggle is real and so is the impact on baby making capabilities. Men and women should be aware that elevated, unaddressed stress can play a role in fertility by affecting ovulation, cortisol levels, impeding embryo implantation, testosterone levels and sperm production. TCM fertility specialists will know what acupuncture treatments, herbs and nutritional advice are safe and effective to significantly reduce stress and improve sleep when preparing to conceive.

5. TCM for Fertility increases success rates of IVF and IUI. Assisted Reproductive Therapies help many to conceive. Because IVF can be rigorous, expensive and emotionally challenging, Garden Acupuncture works closely with Reproductive Clinics and specialists to ensure you get the most comprehensive, integrative care. Whole System TCM, which is practiced by Garden Acupuncture’s team, has shown in their clinical practice and is evidenced in studies to increase conception and live birth rates. If you are planning to utilize any form of ART, preparing your body with a TCM fertility specialist prior IVF or IUI is encouraged as well as support during the process and pre and post embryo transfer.

Whole System Traditional Chinese Medicine for Fertility can be extremely effective for men and women. It is crucial that it be administered by nationally board certified practitioners with special training and advanced experience in fertility for optimal results.

Garden Acupuncture’s team has over 40+ years of combined clinical experience specializing in fertility which has contributed to their success helping so many people create families. Garden Acupuncture practitioners are nationally board certified and have trained with masters in their field amassing unique, applicable experience unparalleled in New York. Alex Goldberg, LAc Dipl. OM is one of the few in the Tri-State area to study directly with Dr. Randine Lewis - author of The Infertility Cure and a leader in fertility medicine. He is a member of the Clinical Excellence in Fertility Professionals. Denise Bradbie, LAc has been working in traditional Western and Chinese medicine for fifteen years, beginning her career as a geneticist contributing work to the Human Genome Project and training in three prominent styles of acupuncture.  Dr. Jeffrey Winsauer PhD, OMD, LAc, lived, trained and worked in Japan and China. He pioneered acupuncture at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester and created a collaborative partnership between Mayo Clinic’s Integrative Medicine Department and Sun Yat-sen’s Zhongshan Medical School. He completed a residency in GYN and infertility at the Shenzen TCM hospital in China, was a guest medical professor at Sun Yat-sen University and has been mentored by world famous acupuncturist Professor Emeritus Jin Rui and the late Grand Master Xia Shuang-Quan.