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Natural Alternative Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years for reproductive health conditions and has been used successfully for erectile dysfunction. Garden Acupuncture explains: What is erectile dysfunction? and Is there an alternative to medications for erectile dysfunction treatment that is safe and natural?

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The Evolution of My Healing. The Deep Wounds of Stress.

Fariha Róisín discusses the many layers of healing - the ripple effect of stress and past traumas. She asks important questions - How do you contribute to and participate in your stress? What can you do to actively decrease stresses on your mind and body? What are ways that you can help your body and mind process stress?

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6 Sneaky Ways Stress Can Prevent Conception

Whether or not “stress” plays a role in infertility is a hot topic of debate mostly due to the idea that people associate the word stress only with emotional factors. In this article we explain that stress is describing a response, often at a hormonal or cellular level, and it is the reaction of your body to burdens that you didn’t even realize were overloading your whole self or causing imbalances. Acupuncture reduces stress in the body and the mind.

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5 Reasons a TCM Fertility Specialist Will Help You Conceive
Acupuncture Reduces Stress and Improves IVF success rates

Acupuncture reduces stress and improves outcomes. Research in Fertility and Sterility, an American Society For Reproductive Medicine publication, discovered that elevated stress levels persist in women who only receive a single acupuncture treatment prior to embryo transfer, but compared to other women who receive multiple acupuncture treatments, their stress levels have greatly reduced prior to their IVF transfers.

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