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The Evolution of My Healing: The Kidneys.

Our constitution, our overall health - mind, body & spirit, is comprised not only of our personal health habits and lifestyle, but also consists of an element of what is passed to us. The health and experiences of our parents and ancestors, something in addition to genetics - a life force or essence - may be something to consider in your path of healing. Traditional Chinese Medicine is about our whole selves - our connectivity to all - even our past.

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6 Sneaky Ways Stress Can Prevent Conception

Whether or not “stress” plays a role in infertility is a hot topic of debate mostly due to the idea that people associate the word stress only with emotional factors. In this article we explain that stress is describing a response, often at a hormonal or cellular level, and it is the reaction of your body to burdens that you didn’t even realize were overloading your whole self or causing imbalances. Acupuncture reduces stress in the body and the mind.

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5 Reasons a TCM Fertility Specialist Will Help You Conceive